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These are some of the questions we hear often.

 If you have other questions, just ask!


How is my investment secured?

  • All loans are in the first position and are secured by a recorded deed of trust and a promissory note which is held in escrow at an escrow company

  • Title insurance is purchased by the borrower for the investor and is an extended ALTA policy

  • Insurance is maintained by the borrower with the investor as a beneficiary on the insurance policy

  • Taxes and insurance can be wrapped into the payment or waived by the lender


How much money do I need to invest in a real estate contract?


There is no set minimum or maximum amount. Often times the loan is for more than one lender can fund on their own. In these cases we match lenders together to fund the loan, each sharing a percentage of  "First Position" equal to the percentage they funded. For example, if a lender contributed $50,000 in a $100,000 loan, they would have a 50% part of "First Position". Also, they would receive half of the total loan payment.


How much will I earn?

Our loan opportunities currently are written for between 8% and 10.5% depending on a number of variables. As a private lender you will always have the final say. At Dayspring we do our best to present a loan opportunity to our lenders at a point where it benefits both borrower and lender. Maybe you feel the interest should be a little higher, or maybe you can relate to someone's situation and want to offer a lower interest rate. It's always up to you.


How much does it cost?

There are no membership fees or dues of any kind to receive loan opportunities from Dayspring.

There are no fees to fund a loan, the borrower pays all the fees associated with the funding of the loan. 


Got another question?

We know you probably have some, just ask us.

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