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Dayspring Financial Solutions, LLC had its beginnings in the basement of my house in 1997 brokering real estate contracts and deeds of trust. Differing from other note brokers, all my investors were private individuals, who later became ‘third party lenders’ as I moved into originating new loans.

In 2006 Washington State Laws demanded all brokers must become licensed in order to continue in the mortgage loan industry. I complied and became a mortgage loan originator/designated broker. I was working out of a real estate office where I was a real estate agent when I was forced to comply with a new  regulation requiring me to have a separate office at a different address. With the many changes that came with a new location I changed the name from Dayspring Acquisitions, LLC to a more appropriate name, Dayspring Financial Solutions, LLC, and moved to our current location in 2008.


My number one priority, and God’s calling, is to help people that the mainstream lenders can’t. The new name describes what we do and describes that calling. In the Bible, Dayspring is called a ‘new dawn’ or a ‘new beginning’. Many of our buyer’s need and receive a 'new beginning' as we pair them with private third party lenders who have compassion on their situations.

We continue in this tradition that was started in 1997 by encouraging  borrowers who have become discouraged after trying to go through the conventional lenders to no avail. We engage in prayer as needed and help coach people back into the conventional lending world.

The small banner hanging above our door as people leave our office reads “To God Be The Glory”. With Him there is always a solution for our borrowers with third party lenders of our like mind.

- Bob McBlair, Founder

 Joe Warner, MLO# 1835957

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